Pro Sessions Vol. 36 - 37 - 38 Loop Sample Sets Rex Format

Thumbnail Pro Sessions Vol. 36 - 37 - 38 Loop Sample Sets REX Format
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This collection contains the following products: AbstractWorldFusion2 REX.zip FieldOfVisions REX.zip TensionTheory REX.zip All the 3 Pro Sessions titles we did for M-Audio in one pack. Please note that this is...

  • 1. Abstract World Fu...
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  • 2. Field Of Visions ...
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  • 3. Tension Theory Lo...
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Tension Theory Loop Samples Set Rex Format

Thumbnail Tension Theory Loop Samples Set REX Format
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Please Note : This Is The REX Version. TENSION THEORY is a study in Strange Soundscapes, DarkFunk Riffs, Tweaked Electronica & Twisted Beats. Nerve endings twitch...

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Thumbnail BestOfProSessions.zip
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The Best Of Pro Sessions contains 140megs (74 loops) hand picked from the titles 'Abstract World Fusion 2', 'Field Of Visions', and 'Tension Theory'. Some classic...